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ambIT Infusion Pump

ambIT infusion pumps are reusable/ disposable devices for infusion therapy. The cassette (tubing) is disposable. These two components make up an infusion pump, and when used with a medication bag and catheter, provide a safe and effective method for delivering pain medication post-operatively. (See ambIT diagram to the right)

Why is the ambIT Cassette different from other pump mechanisms?

The ambIT Cassette is the pump mechanism of the ambIT Infusion System. This cassette attaches to the reusable ambIT pump driver. With a new pump mechanism used for every patient, the expenses of maintenance and calibration are eliminated. Each single-use cassette, with its built-in rotary peristaltic pump technology, is manufactured to exact tolerances and a volumetric accuracy of +/- 6%, ensuring a safe and accurate infusion flow rate.

Benefits and Safety Features:

  • U.S. and internationally patented technology for detecting occlusions or other pump malfunctions
  • Accommodates standard and nonstandard collapsible fluid medication bags
  • Anti-free flow protection
  • Quick manual priming
  • Optional built-in air elimination filter
  • Latex-free and DEHP-free fluid path

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