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Finding Better Ways to Care for People™ Infusion Devices by Summit Medical Products, Inc

The ambIT® Infusion Pump is a positive displacement pump, not a typical mechanical pump. This means it will stay volumetrically accurate over a wide range of conditions.



Pressure is everywhere. Whether from the atmosphere weighing down on the earth or within a soda bottle, it cannot be escaped. This pressure inevitably affects the flow accuracy of mechanical pumps, but does not affect ambIT® pumps.

Consider the pressure and airflow within a balloon. In balloons, there is more pressure in the beginning and end than in the middle of depletion. Therefore, the infusion rate cannot be consistent, as it is changing with the amount of pressure within the balloon. The rate of infusion in mechanical pumps works the same as any balloon; higher infusion with higher pressures at beginning and end of depletion, and lower infusion in the middle of depletion.



The rate of infusion in mechanical pumps is also influenced by the temperature of the fluid. Just as liquid moves slower as it gets colder, the rate of medication entering the patients body will vary depending on its temperature.


Consider how water naturally seeks lower ground. If its destination is higher in elevation than the water itself, means must be provided to transport it upward. The elevation difference between the origination and destination determines how much effort is required to move the water uphill, or how much speed it gains in moving downhill.

This reality also applies to infusing medication into a patients body. Means must be provided to keep the flow of medication entering the body constant; otherwise, it will vary with the height of the medication bag. This regulation should come from a pump; elastomeric pumps function similar to an IV bag, an IV bag must be placed at a specific height relative to the catheter entrance at all times to maintain a constant flow rate. If the height of the bag is changed, then flow rate accuracy is compromised. The same is true for elastomeric pumps. Lowering or raising the elastomeric pump will respectively decrease or increase the flow rate, causing lower or higher infusion because of its incapability to compensate for height differences. Thus the only way to not compromise the flow rate is to maintain the same height relative to the catheter entrance, cumbering any patient having to stand up, sit down or change positions.

Fortunately, height issues are always overcome using the ambIT® pump. Its unique system will automatically maintain a constant flow rate regardless of height.


The ambIT® Solution to Outside Influences

ambIT®: A Positive Displacement Pump

Just as a measuring cup is not dependent upon the pressure of water coming from a tap, or the temperature of liquid it contains, ambIT® pumps are not dependent upon pressure or temperature. Measuring cups also are not dependent on height, and neither are ambIT® pumps. They will always deliver the same amount of medication into the body despite outside influences.

This means you can always count on infusion accuracy when using ambIT® even when your patient is at home. Once you set the rate, its infusion will be accurately delivered.

Only expensive, high-end pumps compare to this accurate positive displacement, yet ambIT® is much more affordable than those with the same technology.

ambIT® is a Rotary Peristaltic pump that positively displaces a precise amount of fluid in every rotation. Measured fluid volume is trapped between rollers and move toward the outlet side of the pump.

ambIT®: A Constant Volume Pump

As the ambIT® pump is a positive displacement pump, it is also a constant volume pump. This means the flow volume is constant - even if the temperature, pressure, or height changes, the flow will not change.

Height, temperature, and surrounding pressures are not an issue as rollers will always extract the desired amount in any circumstance. Safer and more reliable outcomes are the result.

ambIT®: A Cost Effective Pump

Summit Medical Products, Inc. has found the most cost effective way to produce pumps with fantastic quality. Through our many years of experience with the ambIT® pump line, we've worked hard to fine-tune our processes to save costs without compromising quality.

The lightweight design of the ambIT® pump also contributes to its cost benefits. Bulky pumps may have all the bells and whistles, but these innovations contribute to higher cost and lack of convenience. We like to keep it light and simple, so anyone can carry the ambIT® with them wherever they go, and no one is paying for a feature that will never be used.

Overall, the ambIT® Infusion Pump remarkably balances both quality and cost; a rare find in the medical world.

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