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Finding Better Ways to Care for People™ Infusion Devices by Summit Medical Products, Inc

Physician Testimonials

Dr. Robin Minielly, NSA Site Director, and Dr. Catherine Ronaghan, Surgical Oncologist, discuss the ambIT's contribution to the success of their practice.

Dr. Eric Shepard, anethesiologist at Kernan Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Hospital in Baltimore, MD compares elastomeric pumps to the ambIT Infusion Pump.

Dr. Eric Shepard discusses the benefits of Regional Anesthesia and the ambIT Infusion Pump in helping patients avoid narcotics.

Dr. Kevin Walker, podiatrist at Ogden Clinic, shares his opinion of how the ambIT Infusion Pump provides post-operative pain management, increasing the satisfaction of his patients.

Dr. Eric Shepard and the Staff at Kernan Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Hospital discuss their unique Regional Anesthesia Program using their customized ambIT Infusion Pump.


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