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Finding Better Ways to Care for People™ Infusion Devices by Summit Medical Products, Inc

Systems, Kits, and Accessories


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Systems and Kits

Summit Medical provides a number of pre-made Systems and Kits containing various items needed for infusion. These allow you to perform a procedure without being required to gather any additional items. Each pre-made System includes an ambIT PreSet Pump. Each pre-made Kit is for use with a reusable ambIT Pump.




Pump Mechanism Cassettes
ambIT Cassette - Filterless, Spike
ambIT Cassette - Filter, Spike
ambIT Cassette - Filter, Spike with Yellow Striped Tubing
ambIT Cassette - Filterless, Male Luer
ambIT Cassette - Filter, Male Luer
ambIT Military Cassette Kit



Fenestrated Catheters (Wound Infiltration)
Uni-Flo Fenestrated Catheters - Not available in U.S.
  3 inch (76 mm), 19 GA x 36 inches (914mm)
  5 inch (127 mm), 19 GA x 36 inches (914mm)
10 inch (254 mm), 19 GA x 36 inches (914 mm)


PAINfusor Fenestrated Catheter - Only available in U.S.
(Tegaderm, Adhesive, and Introducer Needle included in blister)
   2.5 cm (1 inch),  19 GA x 37.5 cm (17.76 in)
   7.5 cm (3 inch),  19 GA x 42.5 cm (16.73 in)
 15.0 cm (6 inch),  19 GA x 50 cm    (19.69 in)
 22.5 cm (9 inch),  19 GA x 57.5 cm (22.64 in)
 30.0 cm (12 inch),19 GA x 65 cm    (25.59 in)




Peelable Sheath Introducers

17 Gauge, 8 inches (20 cm) Stainless Steel Needle
- Easy Peel Away Plastic Sheath
- Luer Hub for Aspiration
- Beveled Tip to facilitate access through tissue


Standard Introducer
Introducer - 16 GA, 2.5 inches





MediBag, 250 ml
MediBag, 420 ml







ambIT Carrying Pouch

Conveniently carries the ambIT Pump and Medication Bag, allowing the patient to be mobile. Viewing window gives access to the bolus button and LCD screen.




Epidural Catheter

20 Gauge, 39 inches (100 cm)








Length - 6 inches
Approximate Capacity - 0.6 ml





Luer to Spike Adaptor






Lockout Accessories

ambIT PCA Pump Lock Box
(In order to attach Lock Box to a pole, must also purchase the Locking Pole Clamp)

ambIT PCA Pump Locking Pole Clamp
(Purchase as accessory to Lock Box in order to attach box to a pole)






ambIT PCA Pump Remote Bolus Switch









Tamper Resistant Enclosure for the ambIT Infusion System






ambIT Infusion Pumps
ambIT PreSet Pump
ambIT PCA Pump
ambIT Military PCA Pump
ambIT Continuous Pump
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