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ambIT Infusion Pumps



The innovative ambIT PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) infusion pump provides a simple, accurate, cost-effective solution for all types of post-operative local anesthetic infusions.
Simple, programmable operation provides greater ease of use for clinicians, reduced patient training time, and added versatility to meet the patient's pain management needs, as well as enhancing patient mobility, comfort, and recovery.

ambIT PCA Specifications


The ambIT PreSet is the first ambulatory infusion pump with the ease of set-up and use of a mechanical pump, yet with the accuracy and versatility of electronic technology.
It's as easy as one, two, three:
  1. Select one of four pre-set infusion protocols
  2. Input the total volume of medication to be infused
  3. Attach medication bag and press "Start"

ambIT PreSet Specifications

Military PCA

The ambIT Military PCA pump was designed to meet the United States Military Anesthesia group’s specific requirements to provide the best pain control for the wounded soldiers being transported by air flight from the battlefield.

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Military PCA Specifications



The innovative ambIT Continuous infusion pump provides a simple, sophisticated solution for continuous rate infusions, all with the same types of features and accuracy normally found on more expensive electronic infusion pumps.
Additional features include, but are not limited to:
  • Economical - operates at a fraction of the cost of other infusion pumps.
  • Approximately one-fourth the size and weight of other ambulatory infusion pumps.
  • Volumetric accuracy normally found only on more expensive infusion pumps (+/- 6%).
  • Occlusion alarm and free-flow protection.
  • Simple operation for added safety.
  • Stores history reports on infusion activity for easy charting.

Continuous Pump Specifications


Customized Pumps

Contact Summit Medical Products to learn more about tailoring a customized ambIT to your pain management program.

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 ambIT Pumps and Accessories:
    PCA Pump
    PreSet Pump