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Finding Better Ways to Care for People™ Infusion Devices by Summit Medical Products, Inc

ambIT Specifications, Manuals & Training Materials

ambIT Specifications:

PCA Pump

PreSet Pump

Continuous Pump

Military Pump

Cassette (pumping mechanism)

Patient Manuals:

ambIT Universal Patient Manual

Patient Information Sheet


Patient Training Videos


Clinician Training Materials

Contact Summit Medical for Clinician manuals and other training materials.

Clinician Manuals for each ambIT Infusion Pump

Quick Reference Guides for each ambIT Pump

Training DVD: Set-up and Programming of the ambIT Infusion Pump


Promotional Materials:

ambIT Patient Brochure - Superior Pain Control

Physician Info Sheet - Pain is the #1 Fear

ambIT vs. Elastomeric Pumps - Which technology would you trust?

ambIT vs. Mechanical Pumps - Using ineffective pain management is frustrating...

Wall Street Journal Article - Pain Pump tested in Battle


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 ambIT Pumps and Accessories:
    PCA Pump
    PreSet Pump