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Finding Better Ways to Care for People™ Infusion Devices by Summit Medical Products, Inc

Advantages of ambIT

Why should you use the ambIT family of infusion pumps in your pain management program?

Improved Outcomes

Healthcare professionals can easily adjust the basal flow rate, bolus delivery rate, bolus dose volume, bolus lockout and bag volume. These changes can be made anytime during treatment without having to replace the pump or catheter. This ability to titrate the infusion therapy allows you to better meet each patient's needs, leading to better patient outcomes.

Cost Effective

The ambIT PCA and Continuous pumps can be reused. The cassette (tubing) is disposed of after each therapy to insure volumetric accuracy and sterility. Reusing the ambIT PCA and Continuous pumps significantly lowers the per-use cost of the pump for years. 

The low-cost, high-quality ambIT PreSet pump will function for a maximum of 2,000 ml to ensure that a single pump can be used from pre-op to post-op for pain management. The ambIT PreSet eliminates the need to set up a pump retrieval process. 

ambIT pumps are designed to accept any size collapsible bag and can be used with a luer connection, or a bag spike connection. Summit Medical manufactures and sells 250 ml and 420 ml fluid bags. If additional fluid volume is needed, the bag can be replaced without purchasing an additional pump.

Patient Safety

The ambIT family of pumps has been independently certified to meet all applicable nationally and internationally recognized safety standards for infusion pumps. The ambIT family of pumps has a volumetric accuracy of ±6%, comparable to pumps of five to ten times the cost.

The ambIT family of pumps is approved for use in pain management applications as well as other infusions, such as:

  • IV
  • Epidural
  • Regional anesthesia
  • Wound infiltration
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hydration
  • Other continuous rate therapies

Identifying each factor of pain management was essential in developing the ambIT

Understanding the variable nature of pain was key in the development of the ambIT pain control system. We saw the need to create a pump with the functionality and flexibility to address each of the factors that can cause pain levels to vary. The impact of variables such as procedure severity, patient activity level, individual patient responses and the duration of post-operative pain were all considered in the development of the ambIT.

ambIT pumps are small, lightweight, accurate, inexpensive, electronic infusion pumps. The size and weight of the ambIT allows patients the freedom to perform everyday activities without being tied to an awkward, bulky pump.

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 ambIT Pumps and Accessories:
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